Have been using the product.  Like it very well.  Easy to apply.  Brings out the natural color of the leather.  Fast and easy.
Bob and Lee Olson
Bob and Lee OlsonThe Cobbler Shop, St Croix Falls, WI

We have been very satisfied with this product. We especially like how it treats and nourishes the leather without sticky residue.
PattyCobblers Corner of Livonia

Boot Guard is a very good product. Works wonders on boots and our customers like it too. Now that the weather is changing more customers need boot repairs and this is a great product for waterproofing.

Tina T.
Tina T.Expert Shoe & Luggage Repair, Washington DC

I, and my camp members, have been using Boot Guard for 20+ years, since way back in its Vermont days. This Fall the final jar ran low so I started tracking it down. I must say I was relieved to find it still available, more so that it was available on Amazon, and even more so that it works as well as ever. We were so happy to have a fresh supply of your great product, I returned to Amazon and reordered (just in case) 3 more jars. Been an outdoorsman for 60 years and Boot Guard is the best all around boot and leather dressing I’ve ever used!

Kirby Pack
Kirby PackElizabethville, PA

I really enjoyed using this product. One major thing that I liked is that Boot Guard doesn’t have a sticky texture after applying it to the boots. That was probably the biggest thing for me.

JamieAls Bootery, Billings, MT

I have been in the footwear business for over 35 years. I attribute my success to product knowledge and a sincere preparation to preservation approach. When it comes to refreshing the leather on a pair of work boots, Boot Guard Leather Dressing is the best, non-toxic waterproofing product you can buy. I have tried other brands that cost more, but none can compare with Boot Guard Leather Dressing. The product is easy to apply and since it is all natural, it can be applied with your fingers. What could be better than extending the life of a pair of boots by softening the leather, restoring cracks and giving them a nice sheen? In addition, the dressing is reasonably priced for a product that not only waterproofs your boots but restores and preserves most leather products. Boot Guard Leather Dressing is a product that does what it says.

EugeneSafeStep Footwear, Chatsworth, CA

I am very proud I found Boot Guard. I use it on shoes, boots and purses and it makes them look like new! I am very excited to use it often.

Mike Ohanian
Mike OhanianMike's Shoe Repair - Woodland Hills, CA

I was impressed with the “Boot Guard.” It didn’t darken the boots and made them quite supple.

DennisStar Boots - Surfside Beach, SC

We use a cloth to apply the Boot Guard. The quality I like best about Boot Guard is it is wax based.

Kevin Bitterman
Kevin BittermanLittle Boot - Longmont, CO

We used the Boot Guard product and were very pleased with the results. The product brought a new fresh look to used, worn boots and made them look new again. It conditioned the boots and brought new life to the leather. We will use the Boot Guard product again!

Tara Clark
Tara ClarkMobile Shoe Hospital, Mobile, AL
Boot Guard Restores, Waterproofs and Protects all Leathers

The Boot Guard is wonderful. We enjoy this product and how easy it is to work with. The results are very noticeable.

AlexAlex's Shoe Repair & Sales,
Mt. Pleasant, SC

Boot Guard is a great product. It makes boots look like new!


David Rafailov
David RafailovOld Alabama Shoe Repair, Alpharetta, GA