Many distressed-style leather boot owners are apprehensive about using leather dressings because they can contain dyes. Protective products that contain dyes have the potential to ruin or significantly alter the patina in distressed-style leather boots. Cleaning and protecting distressed-style leather boots must therefore only be possible with water and perhaps a little soap.  Boot Guard® gives distressed-boot owners another option.

Boot Guard® will not destroy or impair the dyed-in patina in distressed-style leather boots.  While Boot Guard® will repair boots that have been distressed through wear-and-tear, boots intentionally distressed as a fashion style will not be harmed.  Boot Guard® cleans, conditions and waterproofs the leather while preserving the original patina.

The image below is of a distressed-style women’s boot.  Notice the intentional distressed-style of the boot color:

These fashionable boots have an intentional distressed look, and are in need of cleaning and waterproof protection.

We applied Boot Guard® by hand to these boots, then buffed off with terry cloth towel:

Notice how the dirt is gone especially from the toe areas but the distressed look is maintained.

You can optionally go further with Boot Guard® by buffing out with a medium shoe brush:

The boots look much better and Boot Guard® did not alter the distressed look of the boots.

Boot Guard® is a comprehensive patina protecting solution to caring for and maintaining the look of distressed-style boots and leathers.  Boot Guard® protects against drying, cracking, stitching damage, delamination and salt stains. Your boot’s color will not be altered, and they will be protected from water, mud and dirt, and they’ll shine like new!  Go to to find out where to buy today.