Why does leather care matter? Leather is unique as a material — even after it’s been tanned, leather has a life of its own. If you care for it properly, it will maintain its color, suppleness, and integrity.

To properly maintain leather, ensure that your leather is:

  • Clean
  • Conditioned
  • Waterproofed

How do I clean my leather boots?

Cleaning is fairly straightforward. It’s important to remove dust, dirt, and mud from the boots, as fine silicates in dirt can scratch the leather surface. This doesn’t have to be a lengthy or complicated process. Use a good leather cleaner or even just plain water and a rag. We do recommend that you avoid using soap.  Once the leather is fully dry, you have a perfect surface to condition and seal.

How do I condition my leather?

Next is conditioning, or “feeding” the leather as some people call it. This is essentially just rubbing an oil into the surface of dry leather. Sometimes people will use mink oil, or tallow, but Boot Guard® uses natural oils that soak into and nurture the leather. Unlike with mink oil or tallow, no animals are harmed in production of Boot Guard®, and it has a pleasant odor.

Using Boot Guard®, you’ll start to see the results of leather conditioning immediately. The leather darkens a little, and as it soaks in the leather will get softer and more flexible. It’s a bit like turning the clock back on your shoes or boots — leather conditioners make leather look and feel brand new!

Using just a leather oil-based product doesn’t last and is not as effective. The restorative work done by the oil on the leather will fade over time as it’s washed away by water and solvents. The leather will dry out after the restorative oils have been stripped away and shoe or boot leather will start to look aged again.

How do I protect my boots from wear and damage?

Luckily, this is a problem we’ve solved. Boot Guard® incorporates beeswax as a natural sealant, so it prevents drying and protects it from the elements. Leather that’s treated with Boot Guard® stays treated, and only requires reapplication under heavy use to replenish the protective coating.

There are many leather conditioners out there, and a lot of wax sealants. Boot Guard® Leather Dressing gives you both in a convenient, time-saving single formulation.

Want to see Proof?

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Take a look at our demonstrations to watch what conditioning leather looks like in real time.

Once you’ve discovered the value and ease of Boot Guard®, getting your hands on one is simple. Just visit a distributor or order on Amazon.

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